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"All the world's
a stage, and all the
men and women
merely players:
they have their exits
and their entrances;
and one man in his
time plays many
parts, his acts
being seven

- William Shakespeare


Men Just Don’t Get It…
Why We Don’t Ask For Directions And Other Stuff

Author Randy ReynoldsWelcome! How many times have we heard that men just don’t get it? Men just don’t get everything. Men just don’t get how to communicate. Men just don’t get women. Men just don’t get love. Men just don’t get directions. Well, it is time that we dispell certain myths such as men don’t ask for directions. Women’s roles have changed and so have men’s, however nobody, other than clinicians, is providing answers on how to be a man, a good man. If a man wants to understand more about himself, women and the world around him, my book and this web site hold the stuff for his next great adventure.

I am Randy Reynolds, author of “Men Just Don’t Get It…” and I want to help you bridge the communication gap between the sexes. Men, we are just one choice away from being a better man. Why do we men make the choices we make? We are much better than we act. We have the capacity to be more compassionate and more passionate than we project to the world. We can be better husbands, better lovers, better fathers, and better friends. We can choose to be better. We can help each other be all that we are capable of being. We can tell the truth. We can love unconditionally. We can keep all the promises we make. We can provide a safe place for others. We can listen. We can understand that our vulnerability makes us powerful beyond belief. We can also choose to accept friendship, love and help from others even if our trust is violated and our hearts are broken. We can have the courage to believe and the will to make changes. Yes, we have a choice.

I am committed to helping us men “GET IT” and women understand why we don’t. In celebrating the launch of my new book, I am proud to announce two one-hour seminars on June 4, in Tampa , Florida that will answer important questions, women and men everywhere want to know. Sign up now and come learn about the top FIVE things “Men Just Don’t Get…”. Men, we owe it to ourselves and those around us to find out how we can make positive changes. Change…so difficult…yet so necessary. Change is just a CHOICE and frankly men, we Just Don’t Get It…

Please visit the Seminars page on this website for more information!


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